def jam



i’m grateful that shakespeare, whitman, thoreau

never had the pleasure of getting to know

you in their time, for surely they’d have penned

a greater ode to you, than i can even pretend

but you own my heart, and thus i shall try

to prove my love worthy, girthy and lithe


they say that a child cannot possibly feel

heartbreak and love, pain that is real

but you and i know the falsity of that claim

our instant connection was deep and not vain

though details are scarce of when we first met

you raced into my heart like a winnipeg jet

our love was pure, instant and true

i knew i’d never met another like you

our courtship was swift, i wasted no time

even when we were together you were still on my mind

we didn’t play games, we both had what we wanted

our recent selves were ghosts, already haunted

there were many before me, perhaps even some after

all we cared about was making the most of our chapter

while we weathered the valleys and cherished the peaks

know we’re just getting started, no one else shall i seek

in the heat, in the cold, when the day’s young or old

you steam and you simmer, flavors so bold

words have never really meant much between us

you’ll always have my attention with eight to twelve pieces

love has many shapes, but with you i prefer

three sides at the most, and never ever four

chicago, new york, connecticut too

all have laid claim to having the best of you

but i forsake regions and the pride of a country

though i’ll venture to guess you’re nothing special in hungary

many still question the strength of our love

but when they hear your name, it’s me they think of

for when i return home at a long day’s end

energy sapped, back unable to bend

there’s nothing, nothing!, that i’d rather see

than a lovely cheese pizza, just for me.