one of my favorite things to watch, this is jerry at his most animated. this version of “u.s. blues” -38 years ago today- comes in the encore slot of the 4-12-78 show at cameron indoor at duke university, and he sends the crowd off on a wild high.

this is something that can’t be faked; it’s pure and of the moment, which is what makes it so awesome to watch. i never saw the grateful dead, but i know enough that seeing jerry like this on stage was an extremely rare thing to witness.

and as a bonus, here’s jerry and bob getting into it together during “terrapin station” at hampton coliseum on 3-24-87, and below that is “good lovin’ > la bamba” from msg on 9-18-87.

watch bobby looking over at jerry during the terrapin to see if he’s going to join him for the synchronized over-strumming. so great to see jerry letting people know he was having fun up there. the crowd reaction says it all. roar after roar as he makes bobby’s day- and everyone else’s.