i was still on a high from the ween reunion shows when i got back from broomfield last week and started poking around for some real old school brownness when i came across this youtube link.

according to the reddit and browntracker posts i’ve read, ween’s long beach island tapes were stolen from deaner’s car sometime after they were recorded during the white pepper sessions between 1999 and 2000.

a different tracklist from the wp bootlegs that have been around, there is a lot of great music on here that i’ve never heard before. “wash me down” is easily my favorite, but the whole collection sounds like a warm, hazy summer afternoon at the beach.

these are demos and don’t sound impeccable, but i used an mp3 converter to get the youtube link downloaded, then spliced each song individually (@ 256 kbps) and added some artwork from a google image i found of deaner.


1. bananas and blow
2. put your boobs on
3. long beach island
4. wash me down
5. back to basom
6. the grobe
7. baroque jam
8. the belvedine
9. be my wife
10. for so long

download HERE.