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just a reminder that spafford is -as always- still killing it. after a summer break following the press room show that saw them sign with hoplite management, they’ve come back with a vengeance and i hope everyone has been following them and listening to the shows over the last two months.

starting on august 8th when they opened for graham lesh’s band in san diego, they played two killer shows at prankster’s too in scottsdale (site of the three night new year’s run they’ll be playing at the end of december), four shows based around the phish dick’s run over labor day weekend in colorado, another five shows in california in september, and two stellar outings in prescott to kick off october in style.

they’re playing taos and albuquerque this friday and saturday, the latter of which i’ll be going to and is basically their home away from home. albuquerque always comes out strong in both attendance and energy, and the band has always reciprocated (i’m listening to 8/9/14’s taco stand as i write this. wow what a show that was- probably my favorite i’ve seen from them) with their level of playing.

after the new mexican sojourn it’s back to arizona for the headlining slot at apache lake music festival on friday 10/23, with back to back halloween shows at last exit in phoenix on friday-saturday 10/30-10/31, with a friday-saturday run the following weekend in flagstaff and tucson (11/6-11/7).

then unless there are more shows announced we’ve got a long layover between tucson and new year’s eve, so get some spaffing in while you can otherwise you’re gonna show up to prankster’s like a stinky wrinkled bear who didn’t eat enough salmon before its winter hibernation.

and if you need a reason to bring a spaffirgin along, the video above (shot by everyone’s favorite frito pie, frito pie @nkirschontour) is from the “stuck in the middle with you” jam from the 10/2 show last weekend at brick and bones and is a tight little rager that makes a perfect intro to the band, especially in contrast to the bliss jam i spliced from 12/31/14’s version of the same song.

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