good evening


we welcome you, on behalf of the group. 

we should introduce…

on the piano we have mr. keith godcheaux. 

on the drums on stage left, mr. mickey hart.

on bass and vocals, mr. phillip lesh. 

on rhythm guitar and vocals, mr. bob weir.

on the drums on stage right, mr. bill kreutzman. 

on the vocals, mrs. donna jean godcheaux.

on lead guitar and vocals, mr. jerry garcia.

would you welcome please- 

the grateful dead.

40 years ago tonight on august 13th, 1975, the grateful dead were introduced by bill graham in one of the coolest opening segments i’ve ever heard (zacherle’s is my other favorite).

jerry strumming the chords to help on the way as bill introduces everyone while the band starts playing over him until he finally gets out “would you welcome please-” gives me chills every time i listen.

goddamn i love this band.