feel good inc.


i feel good

while you’re in between streams on phish tour, it’s helpful to keep your musical katra centered by listening to something different.

feel good music is our specialty here at br, and sharing a playlist that reflects that has been long overdue.

culled from years of needing music to help us get through the day after waking up hungover, being stuck in traffic, and dealing with mouth-breathers of all shapes and sizes, this is a bosun records special guaranteed to put a smile on your face and an extra hop in your giddyup.

you may have some or even all of these songs already, and i’ll put the tracklist in the comments, but just download it without looking, like a trust exercise at one of those new age feel goodery camps.

you’re grumpy and annoyed at the world and fall backwards off the steps with your arms folded like a psychopath, but skyowner catches you with the sweet sweet sounds of… well, you’ll find out when you download it.