there’s been an influx over the last few years of movie trailers using choirs or individual singers to create new renditions of older songs just about everyone knows for what usually ends up being an eerie effect.

lone survivor with “heroes”; out of the fire with “heart of gold; bloodline with “nothing else matters”; the social network with “creep”; birdman with “don’t let me be misunderstood”; san andreas with “california dreamin'”.

with phish in the middle of what’s looking to be a potentially best-of-3.0 tour, i’m here to start the movement to get a female a capella group singing “mound” in a movie trailer, because it would be awesome:

and it’s time, time, time, for the last rewind

for a broken old man and a world unkind

he buried all his memories of home

in an icy clump that lies beneath the ground

watching christoph waltz run down an eastern european back alley as sparsely detailed images of other scenes from the film flash before you while the song gets faster and the falsettos get louder… that wouldn’t give you the scary chills? you bet your sweet keister it would.

so for any filmmakers out there, you’re welcome. my genius does not always have a price tag. all i ask is for you to get phish to play “mound” at my next show. make mike say yes. yes.