i’m a little late to st. paul & the broken bones, but their album half the city has been playing pretty frequently in my house over the last 6 months. this album is pure soul. between the horns, the lyrics and the lead singer’s voice, there is a 50’s era rock sound that feels nostalgic but not outdated.

and it’s an album for all moods, which is nearly impossible to pull off and something you rarely see anymore. it’s rare enough for a band to create a complete album that demands listening from start to finish, nevermind one that you can throw on no matter how you’re feeling.

when i first listened all the way through i thought of back to the future and how this would have fit in perfectly at the dance that marty takes his mom to. there’s an old school, sam cooke meets chuck berry and booker t feel to the whole thing that i can’t recall any other band in modern music doing so completely.

if you love music, give this one a shot.