club d’elf


club d'elf

“transcendental Moroccan space fusion with Medeski and heavy polyrhythmic percussion.”

that’s the description of this show by a commenter in the link below, and it could not be any more perfect a summary of the music that was played on this night.

i’d never heard of club d’elf until someone recommended this show in a thread on my go-to dbmb, but i’ve known and loved john medeski’s playing for years so that was enough to get me to listen.

the music here is astounding. of course, every song and jam has its own unique sections of mesmerizing groove, but the show as a whole flows so perfectly together that i can never listen to just one song by itself. only listening to two or three songs always leaves me feeling empty and shortchanged, though, so now i make sure that when i want to listen to this show that i always have at least two or more hours set aside so i can take in the entire thing, because that’s really the only way to experience this kind of music.

i also haven’t listened to any of their other music or shows because i can’t imagine it being any better than this. as ignorant as that sounds this show is so perfect i don’t want to hear anything better than it because it’s become my idea of a headphone masterpiece over the last few years. a long plane ride, a solo hike in the woods, winding down a late night with some friends; all are perfect times to take in this show.

perfect settings aside, though, just listen. it’s an incredible show.