to spafford. the band. that plays music. they are very very good.

linked at the bottom are their last 6 shows and their soundcloud page (which is full of excellent soundboards and a great place to start in its own right if you’re not familiar with the band). of these six, i only saw 10/2 which featured the debut of a monstrous mike’s song and a new original, virtual bean dip. 12/31 is a video recording, 12/12 is only partial, 11/23 and 11/22 are shorter sets where they opened for hot buttered rum, and 10/31 is their incredible halloween show from the orpheum in flagstaff where they shared the bill with delta nove. all of them are outstanding and more than worthy of your time.

so download them, stream them, watch them- just do your future self a favor and absorb the music. you don’t want to be you, five years from now, saying “man, i wish i’d listened to skyowner, or night train, or whatever he was calling himself back then, and gotten on the spafford train before it left the station. now here i am, five years older, a little doughier in the midsection, a little saggier in the ball area, a little mushier in the brain part, and what do i have to show for it? 37 twiddle shows, a misdemeanor possession charge, and a 3 year old wook child that already hates me and probably isn’t even mine. where did it all go wrong?!?”

well, future you, it may have gone wrong right this very second, as you’re reading this, not really paying attention to the ramblings of some z-level blog that despite its lack of attention still has one thing going for it: it knows this band is the real deal. so smarten up, starting now. i don’t care if you’ve already gone off the rails with your new years resolutions. maybe you wanted to hit the gym more this year and get in better shape. listen to spafford- you’ll want to run through a goddamn brick wall two minutes into your first weasel jam. maybe you wanted to read a few more books. listen to spafford- the patient ambience of a nice leave the light on will have you yearning for an escape a thousand years into the past with dumas. maybe you want to have a more positive outlook toward others. listen to spafford- the pure, electric bliss of salamander song will have you hugging strangers and smiling at the beauty of rush hour traffic because you now appreciate the fact that with a small downpayment, you can purchase a machine that lets you travel great distances in a very short time. and what is time, anyway? neither the past nor the future exist. there is only now, and now- now is for spafford. you’ll get it.

if you can only pick one to start, take a few hours and watch the nye show. it is stunning. just phenomenal how good these guys are. the jam out of stuck in the middle with you has been my favorite so far, and that brings up another point: their biggest talent as a band -and one that separates them from the pack- is their ability to take literally any song and not only make it their own but also take it way further out than you could ever imagine it going, jam-wise.

superlatives are getting less and less helpful to describe the band and their abilities- just listen for yourself and once they announce their spring tour for chrissakes go see them in person and bare witness to the truth. the gospel. the sound.

night train skyowner out.

1/12/15 update: the 12/31/14 nye show is now available to download