air time


michael jordan: air time. this is easily the movie i’ve watched the most over the last 20+ years. it was given to me as a birthday present when i turned 8 and immediately sped up the process of me falling in love with both basketball and mj himself. even at 30 i still consider the guy somewhat of a hero, though in the loosest sense of the word.

i even sprung for a pair of nike retro vi’s when they were released last month as a birthday present from me to me. i may actual post about just those shoes later too. they’re glorious.

as for the movie, watch the first two minutes and if you’re not hooked then you either don’t have a pulse or you’re not someone i want to associate with. i’ve watched this movie to get hyped for football games, work presentations, first dates, pick up hoops, trips to the dmv, you name it- this movie can put you in the right mind set for anything.

the movie starts with a brief look back at all the big plays that jordan made from unc and the first 8 years of his nba career that led to his first title with the bulls and then brings us into what was then “real time” as the bulls chased their second straight title. the movie then finishes with the dream team olympic stuff that would be worth the price of admission on its own. the score is absolutely phenomenal and paired with mj’s narration and interviews it is the perfect storm of basketball footage, commentary and music.

this is the best way to help get you through the first full work week after the holidays, so like i said just watch the first two minutes and see if you don’t want to break xavier mcdaniels’ face wide open when it’s done.