voodoo funk

let’s begin the new year with a shout out to a great blog that seems to be a bit under the radar and deserves way more love than it gets. voodoo funk is a great site i discovered a few years back and definitely one of the biggest inspirations for br.

frank -the site’s founder and main contributor- is a dj and record producer (i think) who lived and travelled throughout africa, the west indies and central america for the last 9+ years. he spent a lot of this time writing not only about his adventures but especially the political turmoil he witnessed across the world, all in pursuit of rare records that he could reissue and introduce to the world.

i’ve only read about half of his posts so far but they are enlightening and very well-written. i can imagine even more so if you’ve ever been to any of the countries he lived in. the mixes he has linked on there are awesome too.

so go read some of his stuff, listen to some rare tunes and for chrissakes order one of those badass shirts.