well, this sucks. i actually had to scrap a longer post i was working on called “don’t trade rondo,” but it’s too late for that. rondo’s been one of my favorite celtics in recent memory, and as much as he used to piss me off during some games i always looked at him like i do my dog, where i can’t stay mad for more than 2 minutes because he always does something to get himself right back on your good side.

there are going to be a lot of pieces tomorrow and over the weekend about why danny ainge decided to trade rondo, why he wasn’t a good fit for the celtics and who knows how many other angles, so i’ll just say that i’m bummed he’s not in boston anymore.

he’s a celtic for life, though, due to his play in the 2008 finals and the subsequent playoff teams the five years afterwards. he was a lot of fun to watch, and he was also really frustrating to watch at times, but his attitude and the way he played fit in with boston and our fans, and i guarantee he’ll get a standing ovation the next time he comes back.

this video is a good look at what he and the celtics were like with rondo, kg, ray allen, doc and the truth:

mavs fans have an awesome player to pull for now in addition to dirk and company, and with the celtics in the shitter for the next year+ i’ll be pulling for him and i guess the rest of the team as long as he’s with them. so rajon, mr. connect four, i’ll see you in another life, brutha.

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