mothership two ’99


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my favorite show of the tour and one i’d definitely recommend you take the time to listen to in its entirety. for the second time in a week, harry hood opens a show, and this one was captured and shared on the youtubes:

a lovely, melodic version with a nice jam and peak. really awesome version. still can’t believe they opened with hood in shows so close together. as this tour has showed, it was a much different time.

after a fun chicken shack, we get

ph doglog hamp 2

dedicated to paul languedoc, and with a reprise taboot. a raging tube follows, with two quick ones in heavy things and back on the train after. then another rager in first tube, followed by an inlaw josie wales breather before they tear the roof off with a soaring yem. check out 16:18 for the lick that sounds a lot like the second tweezer reprise from the 6/18/2010 hartford encore. good stuff.

this yem is on par with the palace and portland versions, minus the unique vocal jams those two shows had. along with hood and tube this yem is the main highlight of the first set, which had really nice flow and song selections overall.

set II opens with a dynamite 2001 > sand. the first two minutes are screeching, scary guitar and other dissonant sounds before the first verse gets going, and then another 13 minutes before the lone chorus hits. trey goes back and forth between laying down various guitar lines and fucking around on his keyboard, but overall this is a nice 2001.

sand -the fifth of the tour- comes in from the segue pretty smoothly and gets a nice groove going immediately. some of it sounds similar to the 2001 that was just played in that it can feel repetitive at times but trey and page make a good effort to keep things interesting.

this song combo is actually a great representation of 1999 phish, both for the song selection and the jams that are played. if this is not how you’d prefer to spend 35 minutes, then ’99 phish probably isn’t your thing, but if you catch yourself dancing in your seat after losing yourself in the groove then i’d suggest listening to the rest of the year’s amazing offerings.

a mellow horse/silent and uptempo possum follow, with a really fun mike’s groove closing things out. mike’s is full of hosey fire, simple gets a really light and fluffy second half jam, and the weekapaug > buffalo bill > groove sandwich is a lot of fun and a great way to finish the set.

ya mar shows up in the encore slot for only the fifth time in phish history, with a rare tweezer-reprise-less sleeping monkey to finally close everything out and put a capper on one of the most random song placement tours ever.

i’ve really enjoyed going through this tour show by show. 1999 is my favorite phish year for many reasons, but this tour in particular has always interested me. the setlists, the jams, and more importantly the fact that it was their last big run before big cypress happened less than two weeks after the night’s final note was played, and we all know what happened after that.

but here we are nearing the end of 2014 with six full years of phish 3.0 just about completed, and some of us getting ready to hit miami for what will undoubtedly be an amazing time, regardless of how many heavy hitter jams we get (i’m hoping for one per night, but as long as the energy is high that’s all i care about). just 10 years ago we were facing a phish-less reality, with a bitter taste still leftover from the abomination that was coventry, and now for the third time in 11 years south beach is about to be taken over by the greatest band in the land. so put on your sailin’ shoes and we’ll see you freaks in mee-ah-mee.


download: 2001 > sand

ticket image courtesy of golgi project; setlist courtesy of phish dot net.

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Saturday, 12/18/1999

Hampton Coliseum, Hampton, VA

Set 1: Harry Hood, Back at the Chicken Shack, Dog Log, Tube, Heavy Things, Back on the Train, First Tube, The Inlaw Josie Wales[1], You Enjoy Myself

Set 2: Also Sprach Zarathustra > Sand, The Horse > Silent in the Morning, Possum,Mike’s Song > Simple, Weekapaug Groove -> Buffalo Bill > Weekapaug Groove

Encore: Ya Mar, Sleeping Monkey

[1] Trey on acoustic guitar.

· Do You Feel Like We Do tease in Also Sprach Zarathustra
· Norwegian Wood (This Bird Has Flown) and Buffalo Bill teases in Weekapaug Groove
· Super Bad tease in Sand

Notes: Dog Log was dedicated to Paul Languedoc. Afterwards, the band reprised the song for a few seconds after Trey remarked how much he liked it. Inlaw Josie Wales featured Trey on acoustic guitar. 2001 included Do You Feel Like We Do (Peter Frampton) teases; Trey also introduced Fish as ‘Bob Mayonnaise’, likely a reference to Bob Mayo, who played keys on Frampton Comes Alive. Sand contained a Super Bad tease from Trey. Weekapaug included Norwegian Wood and Buffalo Bill teases.