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Dancing Cop

providence- the site of 1994’s infamous bowie and half of 1998’s island tour gives us another interesting setlist from december ’99. this show opens with a high energy tube that follows with an out-of-nowhere cars trucks buses and a really good gumbo, which is one of the show’s 3 highlights. check this one out, they reach some dark spaciness near the end.

a piper that gets wanky at times is the big jam of the first set but while they make a valiant effort to find somewhere to go, the jam never quite gets “there.” it’s worth hearing but after the portland piper this one pales obviously in comparison. a solid theme closes things out.

while a nice slave caps off set II after some more strange song placements, the whole point of this show is the sand that arrives in the 3 hole. along with big cypress, this one is tied for my alltime favorite version. there is too much going on here to go through the intricacies of the different sections of the jam so just download it and listen yourself- shapiro released the soundboard for a reason.

download: gumbo

download: sand

ticket image courtesy of golgi project; setlist courtesy of phish dot net.

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Monday, 12/13/1999

Providence Civic Center, Providence, RI

Set 1: Tube, Cars Trucks Buses, Gumbo, The Moma Dance > Piper[1] > Theme From the Bottom

Set 2: Gotta Jibboo > NICU, Sand, The Inlaw Josie Wales[2], Mountains in the Mist,Limb By Limb, Golgi Apparatus > Slave to the Traffic Light

Encore: Silent in the Morning, Heavy Things

[1] Trey on his keyboard set.
[2] Trey on acoustic guitar.

· Gotta Jibboo tease in Sand
· Gumbo tease in The Moma Dance

Notes: Mike teased Gumbo in Moma Dance. Part of the Piper jam featured Trey on his keyboard set and Inlaw Josie Wales featured Trey on acoustic guitar. Sand included a tease of the Jibboo bass line. Silent was played without The Horse for the first time since June 23, 1994 (421 shows).