portland two ’99


port 2 lthouse

in my opinion, night two in portland is the most complete show of the tour from start to finish. limb is a cool, interesting choice to open with and while there’s nothing fancy about this one it’s played well and gets the energy on point for the night. i love back on the train; it’s my happy place if and when i go down the rabbit hole at a show. another nice uptempo song. then a very good disease in the 3-hole. jammed a bit at 15+ minutes but nothing otherworldly, other than getting a long jam at the start of the first set which is a privilege.

fast enough for you is a rare treat and was perfectly placed to give everyone a breather. nice solo in this one too. then we get one of the all-time great ya mars immediately after. one of the tour and year’s highlights, and easily a top ten version of one of my favorite covers. similar to austin ’98 in the sounds they go for, this ya mar would’ve made the whole show worthwhile if it weren’t for the second set.

after ya mar we get another breather with horse/silent before a raging antelope closes things out. and how’s that for your first set, yeah? hot damn, there would be east lansing type riots if they started a show like this in 2014. hot damn i say!

a groooooving sand opens set II. not much to add other than it’s another stellar ’99 version. dirt gives a nice quick break, and since it was still a new song at the time i’d say it was pretty welcomed by the crowd.

then we get a stunning, gorgeous piper that segues into dog faced boy. dfb is one of my favorite phish ballads, and after the 8+ minutes of ambient beauty that precede it there is nothing left to do but smile smile smile. well, smile, and rejoice, for ye hath been blessed.

port 2 rejoicing

this piper is another alltimer. more proof that they were able to do anything they wanted with any song they played at this point in their career. piper is a song that can be rocked out to the tits (oswego) or go deep space nine (spac 04). this version gets delicate and blissful. right alongside the previous night’s gin for songs i tell people they must listen to to get an idea of what the music of 1999 was like.

so that’s about it. not much else to see her- wait, what’s that you say? there’s more? yes, there is more. not only more, but more like a lizards bustout followed by a sick, sick yem, which follows auburn hills’ little yemmer boy vocal jam with a tweezer reprise acapella vocal jam- sweet aunt jemima!

then, a fun little golgi encore into an actual tweezer reprise. whew- i’m getting the sillies just typing this out. listen to the whole show- this one’s a keeper for sure. a sleeper that will make you the talk of any dinner party this holiday season when you bring it up in casual conversation. chad from accounting wants to talk ferguson and other smartypants current event stuff? drop this dime on his unsuspecting ass and he won’t know how to spell ferguson in the morning. prost.

download: ya mar

download: piper > dog faced boy


ticket image courtesy of golgi project; setlist courtesy of phish dot net.

ph port 2 tic

Wednesday, 12/08/1999

Cumberland County Civic Center, Portland, ME

Set 1: Limb By Limb, Back on the Train, Down with Disease > Fast Enough for You, Ya Mar, The Horse > Silent in the Morning, Run Like an Antelope

Set 2: Sand, Dirt > Piper -> Dog Faced Boy, The Lizards, You Enjoy Myself -> Tweezer Reprise[1]

Encore: Golgi Apparatus > Tweezer Reprise

[1] A cappella.

Notes: The YEM vocal jam segued into an a cappella Tweezer Reprise. Tweezer Reprise was subsequently played in its normal manner to close out the show.