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a short and direct carini opens this one, and anytime carini starts a show you know you’re in for a weird ride. the 3.0 carini’s have been really jammed out but aside from a few earlier versions this was not a song that got the dark n dirty treatment until they came back from the breakup.

there are a lot of short versions of other songs sprinkled throughout this first set that’s also bookended by an excellent twist, but sitting there batting cleanup in the 4-spot is

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this is seriously a taste for the ages. i’m even bold enough to declare it the best taste ever. ’97 parishioners will argue that 7/22, 11/26 or even 12/30 are better. and they might be right, but this is easily the most far out the jam was ever taken and contains the most interesting sequences of any version i’ve heard. in a show with so many above average versions of other songs (tube, twist, mikes, i’m not a meatstick fan but can concede that this is a quality version), it’s noteworthy that this stands above them all.

notice in the notes below that jennifer dances makes its debut after “trey remarks of his affinity for the venue.” kind of ironic to compliment the arena you’re in and then take a big dump on everyone’s head immediately after. nice one trent!

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download: taste

ticket image courtesy of golgi project; setlist courtesy of phish dot net.

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Sunday, 12/05/1999

BlueCross Arena, Rochester, NY

Set 1: Carini > Gotta Jibboo, Back on the Train, Taste, Bug, Sparkle, Tube, Lawn Boy,Ginseng Sullivan, Twist[1]

Set 2: Mike’s Song -> Meatstick > I Am Hydrogen > Weekapaug Groove, Brian and Robert, Jennifer Dances[2], Maze, Fluffhead > Chalk Dust Torture > Frankenstein

Encore: Character Zero, Hello My Baby

[1] Slightly new arrangement.
[2] Debut.

Notes: Twist emerged at this show with a slightly new arrangement. After Trey remarked of his affinity for this venue, Jennifer Dances made its debut.