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now we’re talking. one of my favorites of the tour, and year. getting right into it with a tight first tube followed immediately by a sweet, sweet wolfmans. that’s how you open a show. some good stuff after but the good stuff comes in a raging possum and a perfectly delicate slave to close out an awesome first set. read that again. a raging possum and a slave to end set I? we were very lucky then. this set goes by fast when you listen to it from start to finish. even bouncing doesn’t feel like a pace killer. and this was just the second show of the tour.

now that second set: sand limb bug > piper and hood. five songs, great cohesion, and not a wasted moment throughout. as dot netter abefroman puts it in his review, this set is “a fetish object for those of us who like what the band was doing in late 1999.” well said.

one of the year’s seemingly hundred’s excellent sands starts it off with a nice groove and especially good work from page once they leave the song proper, and although it’s an aud you can hear mike pretty well which is always a plus. these early sands had an urgency to them that we don’t generally hear now. it was a brand new song and while it may have been introduced on the og tab tour, mike fish and page brought their own ideas to it and that just fed the natural excitement that playing new material brings.

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but this show is really all about the limb. they nail the structured and lyrical portion and go off into nasa territory pretty quickly. trey opens the shred factory for a couple minutes early on but it’s not his band of gypys shreddery impression; there’s a lot of substance here and everyone else adds their own stuff to layer the first big jam section.

just shy of halfway in things get quiet and slow down a bit but there is no idling- it always feels like it’s going somewhere. they hit several really nice mini melodies all in a row so nothing here is repetitive, and the peak they reach before coming back into limb proper is well worth the listen. they finish by playing some ambient sounds for the final minute-plus before pausing and going into bug. one of the year’s best jams and a highlight of the tour.

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download: limb by limb


ticket image courtesy of golgi project; setlist courtesy of phish dot net.

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Friday, 12/03/1999

Firstar Center, Cincinnati, OH

Set 1: First Tube, Wolfman’s Brother, Bouncing Around the Room, Back on the Train,Billy Breathes, AC/DC Bag > Possum, Slave to the Traffic Light

Set 2: Sand, Limb By Limb, Bug > Piper, Harry Hood

Encore: Rock and Roll