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on the 16th anniversary of the blackwood convention and for the third striaght tour of the year, phish came out of the gates on fire and ready to jam. nothing really stands out besides a nice free that gets out there, but it was an energetic and really well played first set and set the tone for what was to come next.

boogie on was tight and is always a fun second set opener. definitely a keeper. after jibboo, we come to the real meat of the show. a jammed out and spacey gin that segues very nicely into 2001 -and thankfully; there were strong teases throughout the gin jam- that doesn’t stray too far from the main theme but is a welcome groove with a nice traditional 2001 peak.

and finally, there is what i like to call the little yemmer boy. an incredible yem that has some really nice jams in their usual spots with a little drummer boy vocal jam that was teased during the july 3rd atlanta show earlier in the year but hadn’t been played before that since 1986.

when phish can have fun without taking anything away from the song, the jam, the set and hopefully the entire show, that’s when they’re at their best. i love fishman’s silly antics but only on their own; if it takes away from a jam (11/1/13’s twist; sue me, i hate the “under pressure” buffoonery) it bums me out. this tour opener is the exact opposite of that. when the band has fun, we have fun. and when they jam like this, i shell out more monies for more shows and they get richer. everybody wins!

download: gin > 2001 > yem

ticket image courtesy of golgi project; setlist courtesy of phish dot net.

phish aubhills ticket

Thursday, 12/02/1999

The Palace of Auburn Hills, Auburn Hills, MI

Set 1: Runaway Jim, Farmhouse[1], Heavy Things, Roggae, Run Like an Antelope,Wading in the Velvet Sea, Poor Heart > Sample in a Jar > Free, The Squirming Coil

Set 2: Boogie On Reggae Woman, Gotta Jibboo, Bathtub Gin -> Also Sprach Zarathustra > You Enjoy Myself[2] -> The Little Drummer Boy[3]

Encore: Bold As Love

[1] Slightly different arrangement, with an additional chorus at the end.
[2] Silent jam.
[3] Ended with Fish alone onstage.

· Roggae tease in Run Like an Antelope
· Also Sprach Zarathustra tease in Bathtub Gin

Notes: Farmhouse featured a slightly different arrangement, with an additional chorus at the end. Antelope contained Roggae teases from Trey. Gin included 2001 teases before segueing into 2001 proper. YEM included a silent jam. Little Drummer Boy emerged from the YEM vocal jam and ended with Fish alone onstage.