phish midnight highway

this is a gorgeous bluegrass cover by phish from their 11-23-96 show in vancouver. i’ve listened to the second set numerous times and was just going to start it again when i realized i’d never noticed this song on the setlist before. very glad i did as i’ve never seen this on any phish bluegrass mix with old home place, nellie kane and the other phishgrass usual suspects. this has catapulted uptown to my favorite phish bluegrass cover. mike’s vocals are on point, trey per usual has a nice little solo and the lyrics fit the band perfectly.

from the little research i’ve done it looks like the band was stopped for what can only be assumed to be capricious and arbitrary reasons -nothing to see here; no droogz whatsoever!- at customs going into canada, and mike had the band learn the song on the bus while they waited for several hours to enter the great white north. trey then introduced it as mike’s idea and they absolutely nailed it. why they don’t play this anymore i have no clue- it really is a beautiful song and would work well literally anywhere in a show, particularly as an opener or mid first set breather.

enjoy it on this awesome fall night.



and the original studio version by hot rize: