brooklyn make some noise


a day late on the 10 year anniversary of jay z coming out onstage with phish in brooklyn at the coney island baseball field. i won’t go into 2004 regarding phish’s actual music (and decline thereof). this video is meant purely to be enjoyed for the goofy, awkward and, as always, ultimately endearing moment that it is.

hov joined kid rock, abe vigoda, bela fleck and the flecktones, two thirds of the grateful dead and countless other guests who have played with the boys from vermont, and if you look at the complete of guests you’ll notice that it directly reflects the variety of phish’s friends, musical influences and admirers.

there just aren’t any other bands from the last 50 years who have taken their music so seriously but been able to simultaneously have as much fun and be as self deprecating and open to trying literally anything to help get the audience off over the three hours they spend together, and that’s why people travel all over the country to see this band in person.

see you in mansfield for the tour opener.