girls. fros. yes.


pam grier afro

i love this woman

the tumblr fuck yeah girls with fros gets a big marv albert “yes!” from us here at br. it’s been the first bookmark i check in the morning for a while now, and even though they haven’t updated it in like 6 months (you’re better than that, fygwf), i keep coming back like selena to bieber. and maybe if they start getting another wave of new fans they’ll start posting more.

beautiful women are beautiful women no matter what, but already gorgeous ladies who can pull off this look hold a special place in my heart. it takes a certain amount of confidence to rock a fro (like farley’s bus driver in billy madison, i know from experience), and every woman on this site has that look and i’ll be geedee’d if it doesn’t make me want to propose to every last one of them, minus the creepy social media stalking aspect that would entail.

not to mention when i grow my hair out i can rock a pretty mean larry bird style fro myself, so it’s obviously kismet. get at me fuckyeahgirlswithfros! get at me!