not that d&d


i had never heard of tony molina until yesterday, when i read somewhere online -forget where, otherwise i’d happily give credit- that this guy had released an 11 song album -titled dissed and dismissed– that ran less than 12 minutes.

that fact alone interested me enough to give it a listen, which became two listens, then three, then four and so on until i was losing track like shawn kemp trying to count his children and caloric intake at the same time (love you reign man). his other music is mostly in the hardcore genre which is by no means anything i know about or really listen to, but i wouldn’t characterize this album as hardcore based on my idea of what that constitutes.

what i heard was a pretty melodic, well-written and and almost poppy record that finished every song leaving me wanting more. more music, more lyrics, more singing- everything. the quick research i did included a weezer reference as the music’s influence in every article, which i can definitely see, in addition to “distortion” by the magnetic fields, which i’ll readily tell you i picked up by my own damn self. there’s even an acoustic track in here, so while i haven’t looked into anything he’s done previously, this album only makes me want to see what else is out there.

in a spin interview from last summer, he said “I’ve always written short songs… it’s just easier, I guess.” regarding what i think is inferred as a lack of hardcore material on d&d, he stated  “I’ve been playing hardcore for as long as I’ve been writing pop music, since I was a kid. But to me, hardcore is about being in a band, and pop’s more about writing and recording. I’m always going to want to try playing in a new hardcore band. But I also love the idea of trying to make something that gives you the feeling you get when you hear a Teenage Fanclub record. It’s rewarding — even if it’s just for myself — because I can take those songs to the studio and hear them back. I don’t know how to describe it, it’s just my favorite music. It’sperfect music, man.”

i’d never heard of teenage fanclub until i just copy and pasted that quote, and since i don’t want to wear out tony’s album, i’m going to go check that out now. give d&d at least one spin, even if it doesn’t sound like something you’re into.