i dare you not to get this song stuck in your head for the rest of the day. dare. you.

as brown as a ween dance song can get. the lyrics are seemingly sung in jest, but i think it was really gene and dean’s way of writing something serious without having to make it seem that way, as they are were wont to do. especially because they were writing/singing about each other.

the song perfectly epitomizes the band’s ethos and talent- in the wrong hands, a band trying something like this would make you cringe, but when ween does it you know you’re in on the joke and you still can’t help but dance and love the song. and that’s just one tiny aspect of their brilliance together.

if new kids on the block can get back together, then so can ween. so i’m calling it now- in 2024, with what will be their 40th anniversary, they will open their first show back with this tune and people will be so drowned in brown they won’t know what to do with themselves. besides cry tears of joy and shake their asses like it’s going out of style.

so take your time, boys. i’ve got 10 years to kill before you decide to bury the hatchet. just remember to play this one.