nba finals game 1


i may or may not have drank a few gallons of pinot before, during and after the game, so my well-intentioned recap is going to be basically a running track of thoughts i had throughout watching.

but hey, at least they’re in chronological order!

-wade’s one handed fake on the drive in the paint is something i didn’t think he was still capable of (as was his over top bounce pass from the baseline). reminded me of nick van exel’s one handed ball-in-palm fake pass on a 3 on 2 fast break from like 1997. couldnt find the vid but this is a pretty sweet one anyway:

-ginobili had the southpaw stroke looking good from the start

-muppets commercials are always welcome, regardless of how bastardized they’ve become

-lebron was not a big factor at all in the 1st qtr which never bodes well for them. didn’t seem hesitant but was defintely not involved as much as he is when they’re rolling

-ray allen’s first 3 was just a missile that you could tell was in from the second it was released, and this his steal > 3 ptr was sick. and then there was the third dagger.  merciless. then his deep bomb to lbj on the fast break. he and wade are were carrying them offensively. and then right after i typed that he missed 3 straight treys.

-wade seemed to be the only one playing with some urgency in the first half, driving aggressively and consistently making plays i didn’t think he could still make

-spurs definitely seemed to have more aof a game plan, or at least seemed more committed to executing their game plan

-tp’s one timer pass to manu was nhl 94 esque. messier would’ve made that layup though

-jeff van gundy comparing the jump ball call at the end of the half to participation trophies in youth sports was awesome

-bill simmons made a good point during the halftime show that the spurs love the fast pace that they were forcing on miami whereas miami likes to play it more safe and feel like they have control. i love watching the back and forth, jacking and making threes, fast break layups, great passes etc. miami better learn to love it because it doesn’t look like they can slow the spurs down

-sign of lebron’s greatness: i thought he looked uninvolved and not that aggressive, turns out he was 5/9 w 13 pts to lead the heat at halftime

-i don’t know what it is but using “abc” as the go-into-commercial music still puts a smile on my face

-different heat team this half. more purpose, more aggressive, obviously making more shots but the eye test says they’re just playing harder

-i went into a pinot fueled wikipedia hole in the 3rd qtr so not much to say other than ray’s throwdown right in danny green’s grillmix was awesome and what mark jackson called a “grown man move”

-bosh’s 4pt play was huge, and a dumb foul by timmy. should never even get that close, he can’t jump at his age (not that he ever really could)

-i saw that armpit swipe before your free throw, tiago. we all did.

-lbj gassed never seen that happen so badly, know he’s had cramps in the past but to take himself out 3x w help walking from other players was wild

-spurs crowd was huge. def brought it tonight you could literally see the noise affect the spurs on both ends starting w danny green’s 1st 3, made possible by viewers like you boris diaw’s great pass. his 2nd 3 was when i knew it was theirs. especially w no lbj

-chalmers first fg a 3ptr to put them within 4 w 2:30 left

-23 turnovers for spurs wow. i say wow for the sheer number in a finals game and wow that they still won easily

-the touch pass from timmy to tp in the corner for the killer 3 was truly a thing of beauty… not looking like this will be much of a series after tonight so at least we get 3 more games of their great ball movement. here’s hoping for at least 6 though

-sage steel is a golden goddess and i love her