editor’s note: i found this post saved in my drafts from 12/19/13 and for some reason never posted it. i promise everything that is written below was written at that time and not updated after the fact. my predilection 6 months ago is quite impressive, i must say. anyway, since i love the song as much now as i did when i first heard it, i figured i’d post it anyway. here is the og post, unedited:

was going to just type “presented without comment” and let the song speak for itself, but i couldn’t resist.

“timber” is one of the best pop songs to come out in years. i have a bet going with a friend that it will still be big by the end of spring training (basically april fools day) and if i don’t win i will be shocked.

this is as big if not bigger (definitely a better song overall) than “call me maybe,” and that was huge for at least a year. i’ve never been a huge kesha fan but i love “your love is my drug” and definitely think she’s talented, but she brings it on this one. not a whole lot to work with on her end but she makes the most of the chorus and gets as many “oh oh oh ohhhs” in there as possible.

and i can’t think of one pitbull song i like but even his ridiculously simple verses are charming on this track. so unless you’ve been under a rock for the past month, crank it and continue to shamelessly enjoy this holiday gift from the trashy pop gods.