watch this


grantland’s “steve nash: the finish line” has been out for a few days now, and everyone who told me to watch it said the same thing: they finsished the episode rooting for nash and hoping he makes a full-on comeback. i was no different. as a celtics fan, i’m torn between enjoying the lakers have a rare off year and wanting to see an always likable player succeed as his career comes to an end. i feel the same way about kone. i’ve never once rooted for any athelete to get injured or fade away; i think any competitor and/or fan wants themselves or the team they’re pulling for to beat the best.

that’s what will make the mlb season so interesting this year with jeter retiring. i can’t remember watching professional baseball when he wasn’t a huge part of the discussion. i’m 29 right now and he made his debut when i was 10 years old. jesus. i don’t even know how to equate that. i was in the throes of little league, which was basically my whole life, and the yankees won the series just a year later.

but going back to nash; there should be 5-6 more episodes of this series for us to watch, and i cannot recommend it enough. if you like 24/7, the season, or any of the other major behind the scenes access shows, this is a must watch. i’m guilty as charged in wanting nash to come back healthy, and if you care at all about sports i think you’ll feel the same way.