denim. white denim.




i saw the band white denim at the crescent ballroom in phoenix this past monday night. hadn’t been to the cb in quite a while and i always wonder i don’t spend more time there and in downtown phoenix in general whenever i make a trip. same with flagstaff up north. for those living in arizona it’s amazing how much there is to see in this state. gotta get out of the valley more.

i had previously seen the band accidentally back in 2011 at the sail inn when they had just released their previous album (i think; as always, these posts are always unsubstantiated by any facts whatsoever). thought i was going to see another band -i forget who it was now- and realized i had the dates mixed up, so figuring that i was already there i stayed and checked out these guys from austin, and they were fantastic.

over the past few years i kind of forgot about them until i saw that they released a new album several months ago in september 2013, called “corsicana lemonade.” cl is a great album and gave me a renewed love for this band i had left off my radar. as their show in 2011 was great, i had even higher hopes for this week’s, and they didn’t disappoint.

for someone who’s been seeing predominantly jam bands or other musicians who rely heavily on improvisation, white denim were a revelation. their songs are generally around 4-5 minutes, but they’re almost all upbeat and/or high energy, so they blaze through a solid amount of material in a shorter amount of time than i am used to, which was a great change of pace.

they also have the ability to jam out a little, as the second to last song -not sure what it was as i haven’t been able to find a setlist yet- took off on a spacey trajectory for about 9 minutes, which i absolutely loved. minimal amount of banter for those who erroneously care about such things, the whole set lasted about 100 minutes, which was perfect.

they came out for an encore -again, not sure which song- that made for a perfect coda. i should also mention that these 4 guys might be the most unassuming rock stars i’ve ever seen. no outlandish shit onstage that lesser bands often think endear them to the crowd, dressed like they were planning on hitting somewhat more upscale bars after the show but also fitting for anytown usa’s collection of divebars, and overall a likable group of dudes, certainaly made more likable by their high quality of music.

my mvp of the band would have to be the drummer, who received what we were told was the first public/onstage recognition of his playing in the band’s history. though they’re all great at their respective instruments, the drummer played with a fucking purpose that reflected the rest of the show’s level of energy. there was no faking it from the pocket on this night.

if you like a good old fashioned rock and roll show, pay the 12 bucks and see this band. you’ve got the skyowner guarantee for this one.