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not having any experience of knowledge of how to properly articulate a proper “album review,” i’ll say only that fuck buttons’ slow focus will most likely end the year as my favorite new album, and one that 2-3 years ago i probably thought i would have never even given a chance.

this is dark and dirty industrial-sounding electonic music with no lyrics and some songs that take some true searching to find any semblance of melody. an even darker turn from 2012’s tarot sport (some of which was played during the opening ceremonies of that summer olympics in london and contains a song called “olympians” which is the catchiest song on the album), sf sounds like the soundtrack to a drugged up and drunken night on the town in an unfamiliar city where they don’t speak english, all of which is fine by me. if you’re not prone to heading down the rabbit hole once in a while then i’d stop reading here.

the other thing -the first thing, really- that i thought of after the first, second third and all the other listens was that this is what i imagined the music that the lyrics to yeezus would be set to when i heard the descriptions of that album before it came out last spring. not to say i didn’t enjoy it, but the music here is a step above anything offered on there.

this is definitely not for everyone, and doesn’t even belong on the same lists i’ve seen it mentioned along with vampire weekend and the majority of other new music from 2013. but for those who have been looking for this group but just didn’t know it, welcome. enjoy the nightmare.