^ studio version ^

^ 6-21-89 with clarence clemmons ^

the grateful dead’s brokedown palace is easily my favorite song of all-time by them or any other musician who’s walked this great earth, and i love sharing it with people who have never heard it before.

it is everything a song should be- nothing less, nothing more. there are a few other songs i would consider perfect that i will write about in the future, but this has to be the first one.

the imagery, melody and music are one of probably 30 songs that any number of heads would point to as the definition of what the band was striving for, especially in their first decade, and that’s one of so many reasons why i love this band.

so above, there is the original studio version that i listened to about 500 times in one week on my 5th grade vacation to fort lauderdale during that year’s february break and initially got me hooked, and below that there is a gorgeous version with clarence clemmons on saxaphone.