it’s wednesday which can only mean one thing: karaoke and high life. at my local saloon that hosts this most cherished of weekly events, i’ve gotten everyone there to refer to high lifes as “big vidas.”

since i am generally the only person -at least on wednesdays- who drinks bv’s, it’s basically just the bartenders and my friends who go along with it, but nevertheless it’s an accomplishment i’m quite proud of.

and how can you not love a beer that has such phenomenal commercials? i’m not talking about the portly delivery man of the last several years but rather the late-90’s gruff narrator and his manly musings. man, that was a great time for beer commercials. high life, the evil bud ice “doobie, doobie-doo” penguin, i’m sure coors had something decent.

and then the budweiser frog guys came along and everything had to be catchy and quotable. don’t get me wrong, i’ll tear up at the right clydesdale ad like any other red blooded american male, but that was the beginning of the end for cheap schwill advertising. all we can do now is honor the gruff big man’s legacy and continue drinking and living –living, by god!- the big vida.